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Dry Film Lubricant (PTFE)

Ampere Metal Finishing offers a variety of dry film lubricant solutions for you to choose from. We offer brand-name products like Xylan, Sandstrom Poxylube, Molykote, and Everlube and Bonderite S-FN GP-1904.

Dry film Lubricants are high performance coatings with fine particles of lubricating pigments blended with a binder and other special additives. After the coating has been cured, the lubricants become bonded to the surface of the part. These lubricating pigments reduce friction and wear by preventing surface contact between mating parts (i.e. a shaft and bearing).

Performance properties vary depending on the specific lubricating pigment used. Many of the dry film lubricants also contain additional rust inhibitors which offer exceptional corrosion protection in addition to the increased wear resistance. Some dry film lubricants are specifically designed to operate at high temperatures. Some are formulated for use in extreme environments and can withstand nuclear radiation.

PTFE Coating Solutions

PTFE Coatings are specialized Dry Film Lubricant Coatings. PTFE coatings provide engineering solutions where non-stick (release), low friction, chemical resistance and wear resistance are important concerns. Ampere Metal Finishing offers a variety of PTFE Coatings for you to choose from.
Bonderite S-FN GP 1904 is one of our premium PTFE coatings. It is a dispersion of PTFE and graphite in a thermosetting binder offering good release properties with a low coefficient of friction.

PTFE & Dry Film Specifications

  • MIL-PRF-46010
  • PD 1635335
  • VPS 32.09 (C3)
  • SPEC-051
  • AS5272