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Ampere Metal Finishing's 20,000-square-feet facility is diligently equipped with all the necessary equipment that enables us to take on both large and small-scale projects pertaining to metal finishing in Toronto and across North America. Our facility includes fifteen-feet-long processing tanks, along with a two-ton lifting capacity, for both black oxide and zinc phosphate coating. This allows Ampere Metal Finishing to process those heavy, oversized parts that most shops for metal finishing in Toronto are unable to handle.

To accommodate all processing requirements, our metal finishing Toronto facility has large load capacity, which enables us to provide fast delivery times and quality finishing services regardless of the project's size. Ampere Metal also offers rack and basket processing. We ensure two tons of lifting capacity on black oxide and zinc phosphate, and one ton on manganese phosphate.

Ampere Metal Finishing also has the capability to design and fabricate unique production racks, jigs and other necessary equipment for use in the facility. This added capability offers several advantages which our customers benefit from. First of all, it allows us to design and fabricate a rack or jig specifically for a particular part configuration in order to ensure maximum productivity while minimizing or eliminating rack or jig marks. Second, it enables us to monitor equipment quality and ensure its maximum performance.

As an established metal finishing Toronto company with close to 40 years of experience, we pride ourselves on dedication to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Ampere Metal Finishing focuses on having the best equipment and a professionally accredited staff to make sure that all customers receive high quality finishing solutions for their parts and products. For more information, give Ampere Metal Finishing a call today.