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Phosphate Coating

Ampere Metal Finishing has zinc and manganese phosphate coatings available. Our production capabilities, professional engagement, and dedication result in high quality Phosphate coatings that comply with automotive, aerospace, and military specifications. We are able to process parts by rack or baskets, which allows us to choose the most efficient and appropriate zinc or manganese phosphate solution for you. Our facility includes a fifteen-feet processing line for Zinc Phosphate coating projects that has a two-ton lifting capacity. This allows us to process those heavy, oversized parts that most metal finishing shops may not be equipped to handle.

What is phosphate coating?

Phosphate coatings are made up of thin crystalline layers of phosphate compounds that adhere to the surface of the metal substrate. Phosphate crystals are porous and can form from zinc phosphate coating or manganese phosphate coating solutions. Each of these types offer a phosphate coating with slightly different properties such as crystal size and coating thickness. This allows a more specialized coating to be selected depending on the application and the desired result. Whether you choose a zinc phosphate coating or a manganese phosphate coating will therefore depend on your application. Our technical representatives will be happy to help you find an optimal solution.
The two types of coating (zinc phosphate coating and manganese phosphate coating) are usually applied to carbon steel, low-alloy steel, and cast iron. The coating is formed by either spraying or immersing the substrate into a solution of dilute phosphoric acid combined with chemicals that assist in the coating process. The phosphoric acid solution reacts with the surface of the metal to chemically form a mildly protective layer of insoluble crystalline phosphate. Phosphate coatings can also be applied to zinc, cadmium, aluminum, tin and galvanized steel, but are difficult to apply on materials with high alloys which are often immune to phosphoric acid.

Phosphate Specifications

  • AMS 2480
  • AMS 2481
  • CPS-16
  • EEPS-27
  • ESB-M3P4-A
  • ESB-M3P5-A
  • GM 4435
  • GMW 3179
  • HALIBURTON 68.00107
  • HALIBURTON 68.00108
  • ISO 9717
  • JDMF10
  • MIL-DTL-16232 TYPE M & Z
  • MIL-STD-171
  • P 1292 G00 REV A
  • PS-80
  • TSH3600G
  • TSH7500G
  • VPS 32.06(C2)
  • VPS 32.08
  • WSS-M3P36-A2
  • WC101
  • WC103
  • WC105