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Black Oxide

black oxide

Black Oxide, Blackening, Oxidizing, Oxiding, Black Passivating, Gun Bluing . . . these terms all refer to the process of forming a black iron oxide on the surface of ferrous metals.

Ampere Metal Finishing provides black oxide coatings on steel, iron and stainless steel alloys. Over the years we have developed unique hot alkaline aqueous black oxide processes which produce high quality black oxide coatings that comply with automotive, aerospace, and military specifications. Our facilities can handle both small and large production runs, and we specialize in those oversized parts that most metal finishing shops are unable to handle.

Black Oxide on Stainless Steel

Black oxide coating of stainless steels require a separate process from coating on steel components. Ampere Metal Finishing offers a black oxide process for stainless steels that produces a deep black finish that doesn't wipe off and is visaully appealing.

For technical information about black oxide  click here.

Black Oxide Specifications

  • AMS 2485
  • GM 4347
  • MIL-DTL-13924
  • GMW-17156
  • MIL-STD-171
  • ESF-M6P3-A
  • ISO 11408
  • PS-1129
  • TSH7603

If your specification requirement is not on our list, please  contact us for further assistance.

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